Bespoke Precast Concrete Landscaping

Precast Concrete Hard LandscapingBespoke Precast Concrete Landscaping – Hard Landscaping

Evans Concrete  manufacture precast concrete products for use in hard landscaping. We can produce bespoke concrete hard landscaping elements in a wide range of styles and sizes, working closely with our customers to meet the needs of each project.

The Role of Concrete in Hard Landscaping

The value of concrete in hard landscaping, particularly in heavily-used areas such as city centres, is well recognised. Concrete is also a highly appropriate material for use in locations which are exposed to harsh weather conditions; northern areas and seafronts are obvious examples. Concrete castings can be produced in a near-infinite variety of shapes and sizes, enabling landscape designers to create projects which are functional and hard-wearing as well as imaginative and aesthetically-pleasing.

Precast Concrete Hard LandscapingEvans Concrete Products – a Complete Design and Fabrication Service for Precast Concrete Landscaping

Evans Concrete work with our clients to design bespoke concrete elements such as seating, planters, paving and retaining walls. We have considerable experience in creating complex units, using specialist mould technology to incorporate elements such as water features into the production process. Features such as walls and seating can be straight or curved, and surfaces can be textured in number of ways, as well as painted or pre-dyed.

Bespoke Precast Concrete – a Modern Hard Landscaping Choice

Once seen largely as a cheaper alternative to stone or brick, in recent times precast concrete has come into its own as a hard landscaping option. The versatility and functionality of bespoke precast concrete elements such as those produced by Evans Concrete make them an obvious choice for innovative landscaping projects.


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