Precast Concrete Public Art Projects

Evans Concrete Products Ltd. have considerable experience in the production of public works of art.

The commissioning and construction of public artworks using precast concrete is a collaborative process, requiring extensive consultation and mutual respect between artist and producer. With years of experience in this field, Evans Concrete understand the needs of the creative artist and can offer innovative solutions to the many challenges posed by the design and construction of contemporary public art.

The Knowledge and Experience to Turn the Artist’s Vision into Reality

The successful realisation of an artist’s design takes great technical ability and skill. Often, public artworks push at the boundaries of what is possible for a material such as concrete. Evans Concrete Products Ltd. have demonstrated their ability to work with the precision and attention to detail that are needed by public works of art.

‘The Dream’ – an Award-Winning Project

Evans Concrete Products were the major contributors to the construction of ‘The Dream’, the sculpture designed by Jaume Plensa for the old Sutton Manor Colliery site in St. Helen’s, Merseyside. It stands on deep piles driven into the colliery’s old spoil heap. Sixty-six feet high, the sculpture represents the elongated head of a young girl with her eyed closed in meditation. Evans Concrete worked closely the sculptor to achieve the manufacture of this huge artwork; they cast ninety unique concrete shapes, each requiring an individual mould. The pieces, weighing nine tone each, were assembled in fourteen tiers to produce a statue as tall as the ‘Angel of the North’. ‘The Dream’ has won many awards since its unveiling in 2009, including the Marsh.

Precast Concrete Public Art Projects | Evans Concrete

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