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Hard Landscaping, Harbour Central, Isle of Dogs, London

The high rise tower blocks that are now the main feature of The Isle of Dogs sparkle with glass, steel and granite, and those blocks contain some of the most prestigious addresses in the United Kingdom.  Canary Wharf is now arguably the financial centre of London, with some of the biggest names in banking and associated services moving out from the City to this new development.

An area that used to contain the worst slum dwellings in Europe now offers apartments at prices that start at a million pounds. 

Harbour Central, five minutes away from Canary Wharf, is the latest, and perhaps the best, of the new mainly residential developments in the east end of London.  The people who live in Harbour Central will not be satisfied with anything less than the best, which is why LDA Design, who are responsible for the hard landscaping at Harbour Central, commissioned Evans Concrete to supply the precast units which make up the attractive and elegant grounds of the estate.

Evans, part of the Shay Murtagh Group, manufactured and delivered the precast concrete seating, stairs, fountain units and planters, as well as the retaining walls that give Harbour Central the clean and original lines that this development deserves. 

The landscaping is not only attractive and modern, it is also functional.  It is a space to be enjoyed by the families and communities of the area.

Evans Concrete is delighted with the results of this collaboration with their contractors, Modebest Builders and LDA Design, and it seems that the people who now walk alongside the water displays and the soft landscaped planters share their enthusiasm.

Harbour Central blends beautifully with the spectacular architecture of the neighbourhood whilst at the same time offering its own unique character to this new incarnation of the famous London docklands.

Architect: Rolfe Judd Architecture
Contractor: Galliard Homes
Address: Lighterman's Rd, Canary Wharf, London E14 9EZ, United Kingdom


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