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The Forge, 105 Sumner Street

Evans by Shay Murtagh is proud to have contributed to The Forge, a landmark project in sustainable architecture and the UK's first net-zero carbon commercial development.

Project Overview

The Forge, set in the vibrant heart of Southwark, exemplifies sustainable architecture in its design and execution. Featuring two elegant buildings around a public courtyard, this development by Landsec is a significant advancement in sustainable office space.

Key Partners:

  • Client: Landsec
  • Architect: Bryden Wood
  • Contractors: Mace & Sir Robert McAlpine JV
  • Quantity Surveyor: Gardiner & Theobald

The Brief

As a pioneering project in sustainable architecture, The Forge is the world’s first ‘kit of parts’ solution built on a P-DfMA structural frame. Evans by Shay Murtagh was engaged by Landsec to design, manufacture, and install the street scene glazing and cladding package, contributing to the development's vision of leading sustainable office space.

Our Approach

Collaborating with JV delivery partners, our design focused on a slab infill glazing system formed from traditional stick curtain walling with high-performance glazing. In solid zones, SFS was used to create the wall build-up, with composite cladding and GRC as finishing materials, all in line with the principles of sustainable architecture.

The main office reception area, featuring revolving doors and architectural glazing, offers a fitting entrance to this model of this sustainability focused architecture. Additionally, a louvre package at roof level masks the plant areas, complemented by architectural metalwork and balustrading.

Innovating for Efficiency

Landsec's commitment to maximising efficiencies in materials, program, and construction aligned perfectly with the ethos of sustainable architecture. The use of a repeatable, manufactured kit of parts, derived from analysis of various office schemes, was key to the façade design. The completed building is a testament to a new, more sustainable way of working.

The Forge stands as a symbol of innovation in sustainable architecture. Evans by Shay Murtagh's involvement in this project underscores our dedication to pioneering sustainable construction methods and delivering exceptional results in the realm of sustainable architecture.

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