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Central Foundation Boys’ School Redevelopment: An Evans by Shay Murtagh Case Study

In the heart of Shoreditch, London, the Central Foundation Boys' School stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and expertise of Evans by Shay Murtagh. This £13 million project, completed in September 2020, was a collaboration with Gilbert-Ash, a leading construction and fit-out contractor, with Gardiner & Theobald overseeing the project management and quantity surveying.

The redevelopment project was a complex undertaking, involving the demolition of the existing structure and the construction of a new four-story building. The new structure houses purpose-built science laboratories and classrooms, a testament to the innovative design and planning that went into the project.

Evans by Shay Murtagh, known for their bespoke precast concrete solutions, delivered key elements of the project. The team constructed concrete seating, stairs, an amphitheatre, and rooflight wall cladding units, each component reflecting the quality and attention to detail that Evans is known for. The amphitheatre and concrete seating areas provide unique outdoor spaces for learning and socializing, while the rooflight wall cladding units maximize natural light within the building, enhancing the learning environment.

The project also included the refurbishment of Block C, which saw the modernization of teaching facilities and improvements to the internal layouts of classrooms. These upgrades, achieved through the application of Evans' bespoke precast concrete solutions, reflect the company's commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

The successful completion of the Central Foundation Boys' School redevelopment project is a testament to Evans by Shay Murtagh's ability to deliver exceptional results in complex environments. This project showcases the company's dedication to excellence and innovation, reinforcing their reputation as a leader in the creation of lasting, beneficial infrastructure.

The successful completion of this project, with its unique challenges and requirements, underscores the company's commitment to delivering high-quality, bespoke precast concrete solutions. Contact us today to discuss how we can contribute to your project's success.

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