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Broadmarsh, Nottingham

Another Step Forward with Evans by Shay Murtagh at Broadmarsh, Nottingham

Evans by Shay Murtagh were recently involved in a project at Broadmarsh, Nottingham, which included the construction of two seating amphitheatres at Sussex Street. The project was contracted by Thomas Bow, as part of a broader improvement plan for the area. The project involved the opening of a new walkway through the former Broadmarsh shopping centre, which has been moved slightly to better accommodate people arriving from Carrington Street, who can now emerge onto Lister Gate.

The seating project has transformed the area into a new pedestrian-friendly gateway to the city, where people are encouraged to linger and enjoy their surroundings. The amphitheatres provide comfortable seating for visitors, allowing them to relax and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the area. The work at Broadmarsh also included the construction of new amphitheatre steps to link the new area at a lower level, making it more inclusive and accessible for all visitors.

Using 200 bespoke precast units across the two amphitheatre seating areas, these units were manufactured in an architectural limestone based mix with an acid-etched finish applied to expose the aggregate on the surface of the units. Evans by Shay Murtagh has also supplied units to other areas of the project, which has been underway since 2020, and further units are expected to be required in other areas later in 2023. All installations were completed by the main contractor.

The project at Broadmarsh, Nottingham, demonstrates the value of high-quality precast concrete products in modern construction projects, highlighting the importance of creating pedestrian-friendly spaces that encourage people to engage with their surroundings. Evans by Shay Murtagh's precast work has contributed significantly to the transformation of the area into a more attractive and welcoming space for both visitors and residents alike.

The project is part of the UK Government’s Transforming Cities Fund, which has attracted over £20m of Government funding. The project involved the most significant changes to a city centre road layout for 15 years, and work to transform the look and feel of the area began in August 2020. The road changes support plans to improve the city’s walking and cycling connectivity post-COVID pandemic, providing more routes through the city centre and better connecting the city centre to the wider Nottingham area.

Overall, the Broadmarsh project demonstrates the importance of investing in public spaces and how they are designed to be inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to visitors and residents alike. The project's success shows the value of using high-quality precast concrete products in modern construction projects and highlights the importance of creating pedestrian-friendly spaces that encourage people to engage with their surroundings. As cities continue to evolve, investing in public spaces that prioritise pedestrian-friendly design will be critical to creating vibrant, sustainable communities that people will enjoy for years to come.


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