Architectural Finishes

Our technical team skillfully blend a range of natural occurring aggregates and cementitious materials to precisely match an ever-increasing number of traditional and new materials.

The colour pallet can also be enhanced with a variety of pigments that are blended with the aggregates. This is ideal when an exact match to an existing building fabric is required. The range of surface concrete finishes can also be complemented with the treatment of surface sandblasting, etching and polishing. The use of form liners and unique stencils offer additional feature and texture.

Blended Concrete Mix

The Evans architectural precast concrete sample range seen below provides a summary of the main architectural blended mixes used in our production facility. All samples show an acid-etched finish to three different levels – light, medium and heavy etch. These mixes incorporate aggregates such as limestone, granite, basalt and Spanish dolomite.

This range is used for approximately 80% of the projects we undertake to date. However, where a non-standard colour and finish is required, we will source an appropriate aggregate and produce special mixes and finishes that complement the project requirements.

evans concreteBespoke Precast Concrete Design, Hard Landscaping and Public Art.Bespoke Precast Concrete Design, manufacture and supply for a wide variety of public, commercial and residential projects. Hard Landscaping and Public Art. | Evans Concrete

Surface Finishes

Evans also offers a wide range of surface finishes if required by the architect. Polished, grit blasted and exposed aggregate concrete finishes are common examples. We can also accommodate cast in tiles, resin letters, form liners and stencils to create lettering, artwork and texture to the architectural elements.

Colours / Samples

In the range of blended mix, colour and surface finish demonstrated below you will see the samples that have been used in previous projects. Our options are not limited, and we do have the capabilities to create bespoke colour mixes unique to your project’s requirements. Samples can be provided based on your project requirements.

Special Architectural Commissions

Our technical, design, materials and production teams have considerable experience in working with Architects and Clients to patiently develop the architectural concept and vision required for their project. This can be demonstrated through the many exciting project visual images seen throughout this website and also within our accompanying Cladding and Hard landscaping brochures.

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