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Littlehaven Seawall

Design, supply and installation of precast artwork and bench units to the redeveloped Littlehaven promenade and seafront gardens;

  • Eye Feature 6.5m wide x 3.05m high (2 units totalling14.t)
  • Sail Feature 1.2m wide x 4.7m high(4.5t)
  • Bowed Wall in 7nr sections x 5.0m wide (11t each)
  • Circular, Triangular and Torpedo shaped benches x 26nr
  • Artwork Benches x 15nr

Our precast units, designed in principle by a local artist , formed the main features in the £3m re-development scheme.
Eye Feature and Bowed Wall were installed using a 250t mobile crane from the main seafront road.

Contractor: Galliford Try Ltd
Date: 01 January 2014
Address: Littlehaven Seawall, South Shields, Tyne & Wear


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