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Heart of Goldthorpe

In an exciting development, Evans by Shay Murtagh has partnered with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, N.T. Killingley, and FDA Landscape Limited to revitalise the community space in Goldthorpe. The project, aptly named “Heart of Goldthorpe,” aims to create a welcoming environment for residents to relax, socialise, and find peace.

A Community-Centric Approach

The Heart of Goldthorpe project is part of a larger £23.1m Towns Fund investment and is designed to be the focal point of the community. The design incorporates feedback from local residents and businesses, ensuring that the space truly resonates with the community’s needs.

Evans by Shay Murtagh’s Contribution

Evans by Shay Murtagh was responsible for the design, supply, and delivery of bespoke PCC planter units. A total of 33 units were manufactured, featuring an architectural mix of black granite and Spanish dolomite with an acid-etched finish. These units are not just functional but also add an aesthetic touch to the hard landscaping of the area.

Timeline and Features

Work began in June, with various elements like paving, edgings, and market stall bases being installed throughout July. The planters were installed in August, and the project is expected to be completed by September. The new square will feature curved planting beds, informal seating, and contrasting paving patterns, making it a versatile space for community events and personal reflection.

A Lasting Impact

Matthew Stephens, Acting Chairperson of the Goldthorpe Town Board, expressed excitement about the project, stating that it’s a “high-quality square local people will enjoy using and will help give a lift to the wider town centre.”

The site officially opened on 12th October at Goldthorpe, for more information about the Heart of Goldthorpe project, visit Barnsley Council’s website.

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