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Nova Building Victoria Circle

Evans by Shay Murtagh, renowned for their expertise in precast concrete solutions, has successfully completed the Nova Building Victoria Circle project, showcasing their ability to handle complex architectural challenges.

Project Overview

Partnering with Mace and Permasteelisa, Evans by Shay Murtagh played a pivotal role in the design, supply, and installation of approximately 1200 units for the building facade, including cladding fins, spandrels, and balconies.

Key Details:

  • Main Client: Mace
  • Main Contractor: Permasteelisa
  • Project Value: £1,600,000.00
  • Completion Date: December 2015

Innovative Design and Material

The project featured cladding panels made from a Spanish dolomite mix, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. The balconies, each composed of five individual units, were structurally connected on-site, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of cladding panels.

Integration and Installation

A notable aspect of the project was the unitization of fin panels with the curtain walling system, which was carried out off-site within Evans by Shay Murtagh's factory. This pre-assembly ensured a streamlined and efficient installation process for the cladding panels.

Overcoming Challenges

The installation phase presented unique challenges due to the congested nature of the site. However, Evans by Shay Murtagh skillfully managed the delivery, offloading, and distribution of cladding panels using crawler and floor cranes, showcasing their logistical expertise.

The Nova Building Victoria Circle stands as a testament to Evans by Shay Murtagh's commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative precast concrete solutions. The project highlights the company's ability to overcome complex architectural and logistical challenges, solidifying their reputation as leaders in the field.

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