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Hard Landscaping, Harbour Central, Isle of Dogs, London

The high rise tower blocks that are now the main feature of The Isle of Dogs sparkle with glass, steel and granite, and those blocks contain some of the most prestigious addresses in the United Kingdom.  Canary Wharf is now arguably the financial centre of London, with some of the biggest names in banking and […]

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Hard Landscaping project at the University of Sheffield in Yorkshire

Evans Concrete’s recent hard landscaping project at the University of Sheffield in Yorkshire seems to have been particularly appropriate, in the light of research undertaken by the University’s Department of Landscape in conjunction with a London-based think tank. The hard landscaping includes precast concrete benches and planters, designed to create a pleasant outdoor environment for […]

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A Concrete Dream – Concrete Public Art

The use of concrete as a medium for sculpture has a long history. The artist Henry Moore, for example, made a total of 21 sculptures in concrete in the 1920s and 1930s. He commented that he was attracted to the material because it was cheap, but also because it was becoming increasingly important as a building material and he felt that it had a great future in public art.



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