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Evans Concrete Products Ltd joins Architectural & Structural Precast Association.

Evans Concrete Products Ltd are now proud members of the Architectural & Structural Precast Association (ASPA) following a merger between The Architectural Cladding Association (ACA) and the Structural Precast Association (SPA).

The Architectural & Structural Precast Association represents the prominent manufacturers of architectural and structural precast products in the UK. The Association aims to provide technical information, advice and support to members and users.

One of the main tasks currently is to develop a new code for the “Safe Installation of Architectural and Structural Precast Concrete”.

ASPA and its members are part of British Precast and signatories to its charter schemes for Sustainability and Health & Safety.  ASPA offers a wide range of technical, sustainability and health & safety information on the manufacture and use of architectural and structural precast concrete.

More details are available on the ASPA website which features a case study of some of our current projects.


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