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The City Centre: A New Identity

A city is defined and recognised by its public spaces. In many cases these are historic, but no city can survive by living only in its own history; public spaces, those places where people meet and interact, need to adapt as the needs of its people change.
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Hard Landscaping – Paving Applications

The versatility and durability of concrete make it the material of choice for many designers who are seeking innovative solutions to a common problem; how to make public spaces which are capable of coping with constant heavy use, but which at the same time are attractive and welcoming.
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A Concrete Dream – Concrete Public Art

The use of concrete as a medium for sculpture has a long history. The artist Henry Moore, for example, made a total of 21 sculptures in concrete in the 1920s and 1930s. He commented that he was attracted to the material because it was cheap, but also because it was becoming increasingly important as a building material and he felt that it had a great future in public art.
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Substantial Growth Provides Foundations For Evans Concrete Products Awards Win¥éË¥éË

Evans Concrete Products, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bespoke concrete solutions, has achieved a prestigious accolade after winning the Excellence in Manufacturing prize at the 2015 Derby Telegraph Business Awards. Already a winner at the 2014 Concrete Society Awards, Evans impressed the judges with its sensational growth, achieved following a series of major
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