Site Services


Site Services

Evans Concrete provide a fully integrated solution for bespoke precast concrete façade, including a range of specialist site services to streamline on-site operations and provide maximum value for our clients.


The Evans Concrete site team supply and mechanically fix insulation to the rear of precast façade panels to help achieve the U-Values detailed within the architect’s specification.

Fire Stopping

To assist our clients in meeting with the relevant Building Regulations, where required Evans Concrete supply and install vertical and horizontal fire barriers to the rear of the precast façade panels to the architect’s specification.


The Evans Concrete installation team can supply and install single or double mastic seals between precast panels to form clean weatherproof joints. As with our precast panels, sealant samples are supplied for client approval prior to application.

All of the above site services can be supplied by Evans Concrete as part of a complete precast façade solution and managed by our contracts team, thus negating any requirement for clients to procure these specialised trades as separate contracts.